Our Candidate Sourcing Strategy

Frank Douglas?s philosophy is to strategically partner a selected group of clients whom we build strong working relationships with and then focus on delivering a flawless level of service to. As a result of partnering our clients closely, we can act as true ambassadors for you.


We use our strong network of business contacts to research and identify suitable prospect candidates for employing clients.


Our selective approach to client relationships ensures a broad ability to search with few ?off-limits? issues.

In our experience, the very best, and most desirable candidates are very often currently employed.


This issue, combines with the relatively low level of unemployment in the Melbourne Metropolitan area to form the basis of an interesting challenge for recruiters to identify and access true 'talent' in the form of exceptionally capable individuals.


Our own preference is for candidates who come highly recommended from a credible source.

We provide our hiring clients access to the whole  candidate market coverage, (not just tired old CV's that are 'on the database') by making good use of three core candidate sourcing methods:

  1. Personal referrals from other respected  customers

  2. Advertising, both on and off line

  3. Targeted Search into specific companies who employ the type of person needed.

The above methods can be combined, or unbundled, very flexibly to suit an individual employer's needs. omega replica watches

We Offer

1) One-on-one relationships with our customers. This leads to accountability and a personal touch, which is of great significance at a time when many big firms are seen as 'machines that work the numbers/averages'.

2) Ability & confidence to back our own judgment. Because we don't push hundreds of CV's through a standard screening matrix, we can take the time to really understand our customers needs. We will spend as much time preselecting "the" right person for the job and vice versa as needed.  For the person hiring, this can often result in a one candidate process. For the job seeker, only suitable opportunities are presented to you.

3) Independence, Objectivity & Integrity. We can make genuine statements of intent and ethics because we're talking about ourselves personally. We talk straight & give genuine feedback, rather than some 'company line' or other.

4) Competitive rates. We're smaller and and more nimble  than many of the well known recruitment firms. We have lower overheads, no excessive Partner's fees or dividends to pay to a Parent company in Europe or the States.

5) Credibility. We have a strong and consistent track record of delivering excellent results for our customers. We believe that we are only as good as our candidates, so we invest the time to find the right people the right jobs.

6) Focus. We specifically recruit executives within the areas outlined in our home page. We are not a general 'agency' that will simply 'have a go at anything'.

7) Results. We're tenacious: we don't stop until the job is done, and we have a great eye for detail - no matter how small the task.

8) Selectivity. We have a well developed network and sourcing strategies through which we find pre-qualified candidates, therefore we won't bury our clients under a blizzard of CV's. After all, we are being paid to selectively hand pick outstanding individuals.

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