"My time is usually at a premium, and I really appreciate the high quality, responsive service that Frank Douglas provides"


"I recommend Frank Douglas as a trusted recruitment partner"

?I have successfully used the services provided by Frank Douglas a number of times in my current role as General Manager Finance - Retail Support within the Coles Group. This is in addition to the positive experience I had working with them twice before in my former role of General Manager, Finance for MYER, to recruit senior staff. I have consistently been pleased with the high quality of that service. Especially worthy of note are the following points; they pay close attention to the details of the brief, their overall handling of an assignment -  both in terms of responsiveness and the high level of enthusiasm shown - is impressive. Both are then backed up by the delivery of very high calibre candidates, and the presentation of credible shortlists for interview.
I am also very pleased with the way they take the time to know and understand the potential employer/Line Manager, so that they can deliver the right calibre of candidate every time.
My time is usually at a premium, and I appreciate the high quality, responsive service that they provide. I recommend Frank Douglas to other clients as a trusted recruitment partner - they provide an effective, very personalised service & they deliver strong outcomes by ?hand picking? great people?


Pauline McGillivray CPA, AAICD.
General Manager, Finance. Marketing & Customer Strategy
Coles Group.
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"I was referred to Doug Kruschandl at Frank Douglas by a colleague at Coles Myer who had worked with him extensively in the past when I was in the process of changing jobs.
I was immediately impressed with Doug's enthusiasm, advice and personalised approach. Frank Douglas make a particular effort in understanding a candidates skill set and ambitions, and offer true value to those in a job search through connecting candidates to a network of high calibre companies and individuals.
Having experienced Frank Douglas' approach from the candidate's side of the desk, and seeing first hand their genuine effort to facilitate the best match for candidates and employers as opposed to the typical "sausage machine" mentality of other recruiters, I would strongly recommend Frank Douglas to any candidate, or employer".

Matt Parker
Program Services Manager
SEEK Limited

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"It is refreshing when you come across a recruitment company that treats you like a REAL PERSON"


My experience with the recruitment industry has been one of frustration and disappointment.   How often are your calls not returned, feedback from interviews is piece-meal or your CV is plastered all over the place?  As a candidate, you often feel that recruiters are merely working the numbers and not even listening to what you have to say.  Well, money talks, lets face it we all need to get paid and this is where most the recruiters show their true colours;  no commission in it = no call back to the customer!

It is refreshing when you come across a recruitment company that treats you like a REAL PERSON and is genuinely interested in trying to place you into a role that is suitable to you and the clients needs.  My most recent experience with Frank Douglas was as a candidate who successful obtained a role only for it to be cut off at the written offer stage.  Most recruiters would be flipping out at this stage but Doug was very clear and direct about the changing circumstances of the company involved that you could tell he behaved like a friend lamenting your lost opportunity rather his lost commission. 

If you want to get the best person for your role I would recommend Frank Douglas above all other recruiters.  If they don?t already know this person then they will find them for you, if they can?t, then they?ll tell you that too.  What they won?t do is send someone down who won?t fit your business model. 


Alex Glass CPA 

Fonterra Brands.

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I first met Doug Kruschandl 5 years ago, having first arrived in Australia. I was immediately impressed by his knowledge of the local market and in particular the cultures and individual styles of companies and potential employers. This is where, for a candidate, Doug's approach, and now the approach of his own business (since 2005), Frank Douglas Pty Ltd,  really stands out.

He is not just trying to match CV experience to job descriptions, that part should be taken for granted in a recruiter in any case, but rather he is finding the right person for the role AND the right role for the person.
That is a rare quality and means that if Doug calls with a role then I trust implicitly that not only is the job suitable but that the cultural fit is right also.
Doug has found the right balance that allows him to stay in touch with his candidates without appearing pushy or trying to unsettle - all too lacking in many of his industry peers.

Sean Curry CA
Senior Financial Analyst
Coles Group

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?Frank Douglas was recommended to me by a third party. 
I found Doug Kruschandl to be responsive and professional in providing a short list of well qualified, quality candidates for several senior administrative vacancies?

Tim Bonifant, General Manager
Rain Bird Australia Pty Ltd.
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"I was searching the internet for that perfect job, and dreading the recruitment agencies endless questions.  It was refreshing to come across Doug from Frank Douglas Pty Ltd.  Doug was very professional, friendly and courteous at all times.  I could count on his advice and support all the way through the job hunting process.  You are treated as a person when you are associated with Frank Douglas - not just as a piece of paper / CV.  They are all that you could want from a recruitment agency for a rapid and stress-free job transition.  I am delighted to recommend Frank Douglas Pty Ltd to all job hunters, you will never look back!"

Rowena Hill Financial Accountant
RetraVision Pty Ltd
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"I was able to obtain my current role at BHP Billiton through the assistance of Doug Kruschandl. Unlike many other recruiting firms, Doug actively sought roles that fitted my criteria rather than pushing unsuitable roles for the sake of earning his next commission. During the recruiting process, Doug always kept me up-to-date and also provided some useful tips. Since starting this role, Doug has contacted me on a regular basis to inquire on my progress and job satisfaction.
Doug is a consummate professional and I would recommend him to any potential candidate and employer"

Vince Sapuppo - CA
Senior Accountant
BHP Billiton Petroleum

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"I have worked with Doug at Frank Douglas for some years now and have found him to be both an honest and professional person.  His key to success is that he shows a true interest in the client's needs and ensures that he understands the full requirements of the role before he goes on the 'hunt' for candidates. 
Doug's passion for what he does is clearly shown by the calibre of candidates that he brings to the table.  His vast experience in the recruitment arena is unquestionable. However, having said this, his dedication is not only limited to the client's needs; it also extends to the candidate. 
He shows each candidate the same amount of drive and personal support that he demonstrates to each client.  It is rare to find a recruiter that is truly dedicated to both the client's and the candidate's needs, but Doug Kruschandl is certainly one of these.
I really feel that once you utilise the services of Frank Douglas Pty Ltd, you will never look back."

Mel Davison, CPA.
Financial Controller - Random House Australia
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"I have known Doug at Frank Douglas for 4 years now and have found his approach to be unique in the recruiting industry on many fronts. Firstly, Doug truly listens to omega replica watches what his clients and candidates want and then finds the perfect match to suit both sides.  Frank Douglas doesn?t use a ?cookie cutter? approach, they understand that every client and candidate are different.
Secondly, Doug takes a personal approach to the recruiting process in that he genuinely cares equally for both his client and the candidate.  He sees the candidate as representative of his company, and therefore wants the candidate to succeed.  The client is viewed as a partner, not a source of income.
Thirdly, Doug shows a level of passion and enthusiasm rarely seen.
All this adds up to one very important outcome: the right result!!!
I would not hesitate to recommend Doug to a prospective client or candidate as you can be guaranteed a timely, personal, first class service."

Scott Hadley
Chief Financial Officer
TT-Line Company Pty Ltd
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"I have worked with Doug, now at Frank Douglas, in the past when I was thinking of moving jobs myself - the testimonial below outlines how I felt about the process we went through from the candidates point of view-
"Thank you for taking the time to ensure that there was an "ideal" fit for me.  I appreciate the diligence you showed in bringing things together during the recruitment process. The position you placed me in gives me the opportunity to fully utilise my professional skill sets, and provides me with exciting challenges along the way!
I found your approach decidedly different and refreshing compared to other recruiters  - you actually took the time to get to know me & to professionally qualify all of my skills and personal needs  - and you used the knowledge you had built up to find me a quality match.
Your advice was impeccable - thanks for investing time in me. I thank you for all of your efforts &, now I am on the 'client' side of the desk, I will recommend your services to all?."

"Your advice was impeccable - thanks for investing time in me."

Michael Ferreira -
General Manager, Porsche Financial Services Australia
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?I recommend Frank Douglas Pty Ltd to my friends, colleagues and employers.  Why? because, I have used the services of Frank Douglas Pty Ltd, and am impressed with the industry knowledge, professionalism, post sales service, and lack of ?heavy handed sales pitch?.
I have used the services of temp & perm recruitment agents in New Zealand, England and now Australia.  In almost all instances I am unimpressed with what constitutes service. 
When I met and discussed job options with Doug, omega replica at Frank Douglas Pty Ltd, I was impressed by his knowledge, of not only the industry, but in understanding what my finance experience and qualifications meant.  The positions Doug notified me of where not just any old thing, but positions that Doug had reviewed in regard to my qualifications and specific requests.
Obtaining my current permanent position was greatly assisted by Doug?s networking with the company to understand the employer?s needs, matching the position to my specific skills/requirements and finally coaching me prior to and after the interview.

"I have never had this level of service from any other agent or agency.?

Matthew King CA
Management Accountant
Sensis Pty Ltd
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"I have known and worked with Doug Kruschandl, now at Frank Douglas, for the last four years, both as a candidate and as a client.  On either side of the equation I would have no reservations in recommending Doug as a person of exceptional ability.
Having found a position, as Financial Controller, in a large listed business,  through Doug I was ably supported in my transition to my new role.  Doug acted as a sounding board on issues while I was settling in and worked very hard to ensure he did all he could to ensure both my new employer and myself were comfortable.  Again, the professional, confidential manner, and genuine level of interest & care taken were things I had not experienced to this degree with any other recruitment consultant or agency.
I feel that the recruitment industry should offer customers personal contact and professional rapport - both being crucial to success. I have no hesitation in recommending the service offered by Frank Douglas Pty Ltd as fitting this bill.  I have no doubt that my comments would be borne out by the experience of working with them.

Thomas Gribble CA, ASIA
Group Financial Controller
Aurora Energy

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What I liked about dealing with Frank Douglas is that I was a candidate that they valued even though I was not applying to an advertised role. When I dealt with numerous other agencies I found that unless you were applying for a specific role they were not interested in dealing with you. They really wouldn't go out of their way to help me, which you do tend to remember when you're on the other side of the desk as a client !

Frank Douglas valued my credentials and what I had to offer prospective employers. Frank Douglas actually went out and proactively pursued opportunities on my behalf. The result was that I found a great job and both the client and myself were really happy with the outcome delivered and the quality of the recruitment process. Frank Douglas works for both the candidate and the client - not just for the client as most agencies seem to.

Clinton May
Business Analyst
CSL Limited

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