Candidate Coaching

The goal of this training service is very clear -  to improve and refine candidates performance at interviews.
This service is offered on the basis that while we accept and believe that a candidate may not always accept a job offer, it is very nice indeed for that candidate to have been offered the job in that first place!

Fact: 1 It is usually the person who performs best at formal, face to face interview that actually gets the job!

Fact 2. Strong Interview strategy is just as important in securing a job offer as strong exam technique is in doing well in exams.

After all, you may have all the experience & knowledge in the world, but if you can't communicate it in a truly appealing way, you will most likely fail your interview.

Fact 3. We believe that a 'one size fits all' approach will not work because every person has a naturally different communication style. We embrace this individuality. As a result, all our coaching is carried out on a one-on-one basis.

Keys Topics Covered

"Fortune favours the well prepared"

The content of the coaching comes directly from our many years of commercial recruiting experience. It is not based on theory, or something we read in a book - it consists of a well proven factual, powerful, information handling technique developed and tested over many years in the executive recruitment business.

1) Overview of the Interview Format, structure, strategy & Goals.
2) Gathering powerful information about what the employers basis's for hiring are.
3) Asking the 'right' questions to the interviewer.
4) 'Selling Yourself' - in a truly impressive way without being corny.
5) Closing the deal.
6) Post offer decision making & negotiation techniques.
7) Guide to completing psychometric tests.

This is a program which maps out a simple, clear and workable agenda which allows the user to gather the highest quality of information from which to make a fully informed decision on employment.
From the candidates point of view, this program will empower you to tangibly perform at your absolute best in a real interview situation than you did before, it is not a guarantee that you will 'always get the job'


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